CEE-J embedded virtual machines have been powering Java innovations since 1998.


Skelmir is built on a drive for success. It is glued together by a love of technology, the desire to have a great, fun place to work and on appreciating that our team includes our families – not just ourselves. We strive to be attentive to the needs of our customers, of our employees and of our community.


Mimir Reynisson - Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

Mimir Reynisson has been developing virtual machines for interpreted languages since the early 1990’s with his first such product, EzC. In 1995, Mimir turned to Java, creating the first clean room Virtual Machine for Java for the Macintosh released in 1996 as the engine behind the Roaster IDE from Natural Intelligence, Inc. Other implementations of Mimir’s VMs were licensed by Microsoft and Apple before he decided to target the embedded device marketplace in 1998 with the creation of CEE-J. When not architecting the next VM or writing yet another compiler, Mimir spends his time creating cardboard ships for his children to sail in the yard or sailing his own sloop as its Certified Coast Guard Captain and Chief Marine Head Engineer.

Shari Agatstein - Chief Executive Officer, President and Co-Founder

Shari Agatstein started Skelmir with Mimir in 1998 when she set out to create a software company the “old-fashioned” way, applying lessons she learned about business from her entrepreneurial grandfather Sammy, who owned a textile manufacturing firm. People did business with Sam Agatstein because they knew he’d give them a great product and a fair deal. People worked for him because they knew he was looking out for them. Those lessons, coupled with years of hands-on experience in operational and strategic positions in international banking, technology licensing, human resources, marketing and management have given Shari the tools to bring that vision to fruition. When not actively building the company, Shari is helping her little ones grow into future astronauts and rocket scientists, sailing or trying to end hunger in America. Shari holds a B.S. Degree, Summa Cum Laude, in International Business and Finance from Northeastern University.

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Does it sound like a team you could be a part of? If you strive to produce cutting edge solutions while enjoying your work life and life outside of work, Skelmir may be the place for you.