CEE-J embedded virtual machines have been powering Java innovations since 1998.


Helping our customers harness the power of Java and maximize the value in their embedded solutions is what we do best. We bring the virtual machine expertise and flexibility to your team so that you can concentrate on the development and advancement of your applications and devices.

Our engineers have been providing our customers with porting and integration, training, ongoing support, and consulting services for 25 years. Bringing our CEE-J solution onboard means having a team of VM experts at the ready so you are up and running quickly and on your way to market and revenue. We do the heavy lifting for you, supporting and evolving the VM and libraries, compilers and add on products so that you don’t have to.

Proven technology and personalized service are what customers receive with Skelmir. We know how valuable your time is. Don’t wait for service, call us today to get started.

Services We Offer

  • FREE evaluation versions of the VM for you to try
  • Ports of the VM targeted to your device in a timely manner
  • Responsive and experienced support during all phases of the process

Our Strengths

  • Technical strength
  • Team responsiveness
  • Flexible solutions and licensing model
  • Innovation in graphics and performance
  • Value

CEE-J VM Solutions for Your Product

Skelmir CEE-J virtual machines have been honed and optimized for leading edge embedded platforms across industries. Find out how to put CEE-J to work for you.
Skelmir brings a depth of experience from already having met a wealth of customer technical needs. They strive to ensure that experience is successfully applied to the domain requirements at hand.

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