CEE-J embedded virtual machines have been powering Java innovations since 1998.

Embedded Virtual Machine Technology

CEE-J® VMs for Java Applications on Embedded Devices

Looking for an embedded virtual machine? Skelmir’s CEE-J VMs are designed to run industry standard and custom embedded Java applications on embedded devices. Already deployed in over 140 million devices worldwide, CEE-J is driving the success of Java based solutions including those in the TV, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) markets.

CEE-J VM Configuration Features & Benefits

Skelmir’s focus is on embedded devices, where size and performance are crucial to success. Skelmir can work closely with your development teams to customize CEE-J for your specific use cases to optimize overall performance.


  • Supports embedded Java applications written to the J2SE Java 8 specification.
  • The CEE-J VM for a Linux/ARM platform is approximately 12 Mbytes (including core VM, JIT and Libraries). Final deployable size may be reduced by including only those Java Libraries required to best run your applications. 
  • Highly Optimized Interpreters for each supported CPU.
  • JIT Compiler included by default; removable for footprint benefits if required.
  • Optimized footprint, cost and performance for embedded applications, even those that are memory/CPU constrained.
  • Garbage Collector designed for embedded applications – eliminates memory fragmentation and minimizes allocation times.
  • Pluggable security architecture designed to allow you to use the security provider(s) that best meet your performance, memory, financial and security needs. CEE-J provides support for:​

– Up to TLS 1.4.

– Wolf SSL, BoringSSL, OpenSSL, BouncyCastleTLS, and SkelmirTLS.

– Adding providers as the need arises. Contact Skelmir to discuss best options for your use case.

Supported Platforms

  • CPUs: MIPs, ARM, x86, PPC
  • Operating Systems: Linux, MacOS, Windows, (contact Skelmir to discuss other embedded OS options)

Debugging and Profiling Support

  • JVMTI (Java Virtual Machine Tool Interface)
  • Proprietary Skelmir debugging and profiling tools for use in, or support of, devices in the field:

Snapshot Tool: Used to provide core file of running application. Useful for analyzing state of system in the field.

Post Mortem Tool: Used to pinpoint specific information quickly and easily in large core files back at the lab.

Embedded Post Mortem Tool: Embedded version of the Post Mortem Tool allows you to distill and retain only the information you need for analysis from your core file.

Add-On Products

  • CAR Tool: Compress JAR files by up to 50%, dramatically reducing overall application footprint.
  • SPA: Secure Plug-in Architecture (SPA), a lightweight application framework for dynamically loading and unloading of applications or functionality.
  • Graphics options available upon request.

Support and Partners

Skelmir’s experienced team of world-class embedded engineers are on hand to help you deliver your product to market and revenue in the shortest possible time.

CEE-J is deployed today supporting industry standard middleware, 3rd party applications and proprietary solutions in IoT, IIoT, TV and more. Skelmir has pre-integrated CEE-J with a number of partner solutions across industries to help you get to market as quickly as possible.

CEE-J virtual machines enable today’s embedded designs and the designs of things to come.

Your Product + CEE-J Virtual Machines =