CEE-J embedded virtual machines have been powering Java innovations since 1998.

About Us

Our mission is to supply the technologies and expertise that give our customers the winning edge in their markets and the flexibility to adapt to new ones. Customer-centric technology with responsive, expert service is at the core of who we are.

Since 1998, our customers have deployed tens of millions of embedded devices using our optimized virtual machines for hosting their Java applications. Across markets and industries, our clean room virtual machine technology is a proven platform for delivering feature- and graphics-rich applications to users globally.

Flexibility and expertise together play a key role in our engagements with customers. Skelmir’s team of experts is able to adapt to our customers’ timelines, working environments, and processes. We support large multinationals with large distributed development teams and smaller organizations with a more centralized approach to product development and integration. Whatever your size, we are equipped to help get you to market and revenue quickly.

Put our team and technology to work for you.

About Our Team

Our dedicated product developers are also the experts providing support to our customers. The same people who are creating the functionality, features and optimizations are the ones helping our customers’ teams get their products and services out the door and quickly.