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CEE-J® VM - for hosting Java applications

CEE-J is Skelmir's suite of fast, compact and proven clean room virtual machines for running Java applications on embedded devices. Available on and optimized for a vast array of operating systems, processors and virtual machine specifications, CEE-J is the ideal platform for resource-constrained embedded devices from digital set top boxes, onboard navigation and infotainment systems to Point of Sale and handheld wireless devices, industrial automation, multifunction printers and medical applications. With scalable footprint and configuration options, Skelmir has a CEE-J solution to suit your device needs.


Skelmir's CWT graphics engine, with support for AWT, is built directly into the CEE-J VM.  This provides you with advanced features such as TrueType Font rendering support using FreeType, Monotype Imaging's iType, or Bitstream's Font Fusion engines, anti-aliased text and graphics, full alpha channel support, text on a path, wobble, shading, rotate, and more.

Skelmir offers flexible options for easily adding animations to your user interface.
No graphics necessary? The CEE-J VM is available without graphics for headless devices.


Available & optimized for all commonly used embedded CPU's and OS's
Supported CPU's
MIPS, ARM, PowerPC, X86, ST20/40, SH 2/3/4, VLIWs, DSPs
Supported OS's 
Linux, WinCE, VxWorks, Nucleus PLUS, eCOS, pSOS, uTOS, uITRON, Windows, MacOSX, & proprietary OS's

Technical Specs

  • Supports Java applications written to Personal Java through J2SE specifications
  • Full VM, libs, advanced graphics, TTF engine & system font starting at 1.4 - 4MB of flash (uncompressed)
  • Highly optimized interpreters for each supported CPU
  • IPv6 support available for all CEE-J VM configurations


  • Compilers - Dynamic JIT or Ahead of Time - Ability to mix according to your requirements
  • CAR - JAR file compression tool for optimal use of flash memory
  • Remote Debugging and Profiling Support